When children can’t come to school, the school comes to the children

Bright pink, orange and red paper bags waiting on the seats of the mini bus, which, until a few weeks ago, was driving three, four and five-year-old Early Birds Istanbul children to and from their “nest” each day. Now, while the children are staying at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, the preschool’s drivers, Erhan and Yüksel, bring weekly Early Birds Bags to their homes.

Delivered every Thursday, each bag contains all the materials needed for children to complete the following weeks activities with their teachers via Google’s Meet video conferencing app. The lessons schedule is emailed to our parents each Sunday evening and includes five daily plans. All areas of early childhood development are covered.

Additionally the Early Birds Bags hold extra materials from which the children can create their own activities. In one week, the children may receive seeds, a small pot & planting soil - modeling clay - blackboard & chalk - weaving frames & sheep wool. Another week, the bags may consist of science materials such as magnifying glasses, pipettes, little bottles, tape measure etc. 

Early Birds Istanbul continues to nurture and support the development of its children from a distance, and looks forward to welcome everybody back in their 4. Levent nest as soon as their safety allows.

The Early Birds Istanbul Team