The Early Birds Journal

16 December 2020

“Open-ended” play materials

Huge pipes, wooden slats and ladders - items without a specific purpose - are an integral component of our playground.

28 September 2020

Nature is not taking a Corona break, and neither are our children!

The vegetables needed harvesting and seeds collecting. The hen had chicks and we needed to expand our chicken run...

6 July 2020

EBI Team and Children Back to their Nest!

After almost 3 months, EBI’s children and teachers were finally allowed to return to their preschool...

16 May 2020

The Importance of Outdoor Education in Preschools

Visitors to Early Birds Istanbul often first remark on the preschool’s generous garden. The school’s founder and director, Regina Kruse-Özçelik, has long been...

4 May 2020

When children can’t come to school, the school comes to the children

Bright pink, orange and red paper bags waiting on the seats of the mini bus, which, until a few weeks ago, was driving...