EBI Team and Children Back to their Nest!

After almost 3 months, EBI’s children and teachers were finally allowed to return to their preschool.

While the children were still in lockdown, the EBI team was busy preparing for the school’s reopening under the new Corona conditions. In May, sensor faucets and automatic hands-free soap dispensers were purchased and installed and additional wash basins were put in the garden. A detailed hygiene plan was drawn up and a rotation schedule for the groups in the outdoor area was created. So nothing stood in the way of the start on June 8th!

Our biggest priority? To once again provide the children with social contact, sensory experience, movement and teamwork, which they urgently need for their development.

Building a second mud house fulfilled all of these goals. Earth, straw and water are the basic elements of this project, but mathematics, art and language are significant components as well. In just two days, the children built a fantastic mud house.

Thanks to Early Birds’ large outdoor area, its project-based learning approach and its experienced team, children were able to pick up right where they left off, pre-pandemic.

By Regina Kruse-Özçelik