Planting a Seed

What does it mean to plant a seed? Whether literally or figuratively, this small, seemingly innocuous act is our greatest commitment in believing that tomorrow matters. After all, from a tiny seed, a mighty garden can grow – and yield a great harvest, year after year.

For children, a seed is magical. Tiny, powerful, significant – they see themselves reflected in its potential. What a great pleasure it is, to plant a seed with a child. Carefully preparing the soil, dropping the seed, covering it, and providing all the right ingredients – sunshine, warmth, water, love. Add a dash of optimism and a large dollop of patience, and soon the forces of nature will take over. The very act of planting becomes irrevocable – once the seed is sewn there is no going back!

Day-to-day, is is difficult to notice any tangible changes – perhaps the beginnings of a new sprout, or the arrival of a leaf that wasn’t there before. But slowly and steadily, as the months pass and the seasons change, our seeds firmly take root. They stretch and grow, they gain confidence and might; their stems thicken, leaves appear; they blossom and yield fragrant flowers or delicious, ripe fruits. Our garden flourishes.

The figurative act is equally as rewarding. Give a child an idea; raw materials; a concept; a story...just enough to enrapture them and plant a metaphorical seed.

Soon, like the very seed itself, they grow hungry for more, and growth is not only inevitable but unstoppable! Apply the same ingredients – lots of sunshine, fresh air, nutrition and love – and you’ll be rewarded the most beautiful garden of all.

By Charlotte McAllister
Early Birds Istanbul Teacher