The Early Birds Journal

03 Jun 2024

Early Birds Istanbul joined the first Outdoor Experiential Learning Congress 2024

The OELC 2024 Congress organized by the ENKA team, which took place in Istanbul on May 25th, was a great success. Many thanks to the OELC 2024 team!

10 May 2024

Death and Life: Saying Goodbye and Welcoming New Beginnings in EBI

EBI is full of life! We are constantly witnessing growth and renewal—trees blossoming, fruits ripening, chicks hatching, and new members joining our nest.

07 Mar 2024

A Font Design Patent from the Blue Jays`23 (age group 4-6)

No matter how nature-oriented an education system is, it doesn’t mean that technology should be left out as an educational element.

08 Dec 2023

Constructed Chaos - Book Release

Discover the story of Early Birds Istanbul – a pioneering project-based preschool that is redefining the landscape of early years education.

14 Oct 2023

The sound of EBI (by the Blue Jays)

In a world full of sensory stimulation, where our senses work in harmony to shape our experiences, the idea of limiting ourselves to just one sense may seem counterintuitive. 

17 Jun 2023

EBI is Everywhere

The clay building concept pioneered in the EBI Nest has made its way to a private garden in Istanbul. How did this happen? 

18 Jan 2023

The kindergarten that turned into a workshop

Once upon a time, there was a school building full of classrooms, and these classrooms had all sorts of supplies... 

20 Oct 2022

Earth Oven Project #2

The earth oven built by us - the EBI team and the children - in Autumn 2021 was a complete success, and we... 

11 Jul 2022

The Numbers in the Winter Wonderland

Our 4 year old EBI children have written their first children's book. How is that possible?

31 Jan 2022

How we welcome a new member to our nest

Responsibility is a crucial skill that should be gained at the very early stages of life. It involves decision-making, facing circumstances,...

01 Dec 2021

Two years later...Project Based Learning at EBI

Which type of family would enroll their child into a kindergarten with no artificial toys, an empty playground, and almost no indoor equipment?

02 July 2021

International Mud Day

Did you know that yesterday, June 29th, International Mud Day was celebrated?

27 May 2021

Everything is a learning opportunity

Aside from the Project-Based Learning approach to education, the Early Birds nest offers students a unique and flexible way to acquire new skills, ...

24 April 2021

Planting a seed

What does it mean to plant a seed? Whether literally or figuratively, this small, seemingly innocuous act is our greatest commitment in believing that tomorrow matters.

2 April 2021

Project Based Learning with children

What happens when you give a bunch of preschoolers an empty school, some tools, and totally free reign on what they want – and need – out of their day?

1 February 2021

The Creative Chaos

Unexpected changes will always be issues in our children’s futures and will require the need to be flexible and creative in order to find immediate, effective and efficient solutions.

30 January 2021

Inspired by a tree

Do you have trees in your playground?
At some point they need to be trimmed. Don’t forget to cut some of the removed branches into slices!

16 December 2020

“Open-ended” play materials

Huge pipes, wooden slats and ladders - items without a specific purpose - are an integral component of our playground.

28 September 2020

Nature is not taking a Corona break, and neither are our children!

The vegetables needed harvesting and seeds collecting. The hen had chicks and we needed to expand our chicken run...

6 July 2020

EBI Team and Children Back to their Nest!

After almost 3 months, EBI’s children and teachers were finally allowed to return to their preschool...

16 May 2020

The Importance of Outdoor Education in Preschools

Visitors to Early Birds Istanbul often first remark on the preschool’s generous garden. The school’s founder and director, Regina Kruse-Özçelik, has long been...

4 May 2020

When children can’t come to school, the school comes to the children

Bright pink, orange and red paper bags waiting on the seats of the mini bus, which, until a few weeks ago, was driving...